<b>August 20th - 26th</b><br>

Newport Music Festival.

L.v.Beethoven: Complete Beethoven cycle.

Quartets by C. Nielsen and J.Sibelius.

<b>Sunday, 9th. of august</b><br>

TIVOLI FESTIVAL: Beethoven String Quartets III.
Tivoli Concerthall at 2pm.
Stringquartet op. 18, no. 4, c-minor.
Stringquartet  no. 10, op. 74, e-flat major. (Harp)
Stringquartet nr. 13, op. 130, 133 Grosse Fuge. B-major

<b>August 30th.</b><br>

TIVOLI FESTIVAL: Beethoven string Quartets IV.
Tivoli Concerthall 2pm.
Stringqartet, op. 18, nr. 5, A-major
Stringqartet, op. 59, no. 2, e-minor
Stringqartet no. 14, op. 131, c sharp minor